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Beautiful Filipina bebot Janice shows you why Manila girls rule!

Naked in Angeles City

Naked in Manila

You know some of our girls are such wonderful actresses thet they deserve every award possible. When Janice here hits the street she knows how to work all of her female charms so that every single eye in the room is on her. She has a great way of putting on her pouty expression and making any man her slave. All Pinay babes are great, but city girls like Janice here just have that way about them that rules our world.

There is only one place you are going to see all the pics and videos of our chick Jan here. See all the her pics and videos online now at Teenager Filipino. This stuff is all exclusive and you are just not going to see anything like it any place else. This is why year after year we remain the number 1 site for Pinay bar girls and lovely amateur Asian nude girls.

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Epic breasts on this topless Filipina bomb shell

Topless in the Philippines

Topless in the Philippine Islands

One great thing about Angeles City is that there is more drama here than anyone could handle in a thousand lifetimes. We were out watcing the world cup across town at a friends place and this chick walks in and our mouths fell open. Usually we scout Makati for the hotties, but it’s like there is this whole gold mine of beauties in unexpected places. Anyways we are watching TV out the back of my buddies store and in walks this girl, and her amazing and epic National Geographic style titties. Well thank god we have been able to get her lined up for a couple of photo shoots. You will not want to miss this girl!

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How do you like your Filipina pussy?

Pinay Pussy

Pinay Twat

One good thing about our modern times is that there is a lot more awareness about the Snatch as a beauty spot. Long gone are the dark and terrifying days of a very hairy and stinky bush. Nowadays we have many choices including the landing strip and of course our all time fave the hairless. Edmilyn here is a champion at working her smooth pussy. She has a body that only an 18 year old Pinay pole dancer could have, and she knows exactly what to do to make all the boys come running.

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Enjoy the perfect body on Thai babe Irene Fah

Topless Thai Chick

Topless Thai Babe

Every once in a while we like to break the mold and mention that we are not just about Filipino girls. We like to explore all aspects of the Asian bar girl culture so we do have a lot of very hot Thai girls on our site as well. And I suppose that if any chick is the queen of Thai beauty, it’s Irene Fah. Actually there are 2 girl who really come to mind when I think of Thai perfection, Irene and Natt Chanapa. But I have always felt that Irene has the edge, I mean this babe just has natural charm don’t you think? All online right now at Teenager Filipina.

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Skinny and nubile asian teen dream Maria

Maria goes hard core

Maria goes hard core

One thing I can say in favour of our site over a lot of other web sites is that our girls are not just pretty faces. They don’t just model, they have sex too. You have not seen anything until you have seen a nubile young Asian girl like our Maria work some cock. And now that summer is beginning a lot of these girls are on vacation from college and looking for work… So that means expect all new pics and videos of your favourite girls soon!

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Manila girl shows off her smooth shaved pussy.

Can you see my pussy?

Can you see my snatch?

Janice has a lot going for her, but the most important things are her cute face, because often you don’t see that in the Philippines. Number 2 is her perky and awesome set of young breasts. And her top winning quality is her perfectly smooth shaved pussy. Not every babe has a kitty like this.

We have everything from Jan available online right now. Take a look at all of her pictures and movies at Teen age Pinay is the world’s best amateur Asian girl fetish site. Join Teen Filipino now to see all of our wonderful Asian babes.

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Real asian bar girls strip their go go outfits!

Filipina go go girls

Filipino go go girls

One big difference between what we do at Teenager Pinay and what happens at other sites is that we are giving you the real deal on Asian sex. For the most part none of our girls are actresses, they are either real professional Angeles City bar girls or amateur chicks who are loooking for a job. Alice and Rose here are for real. The dance when required and have sex when required. If you don’t belive it stay tuned for a glimpse into the hard core side of these girls.

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Asian teen wriggles out of her teeny tiny string bikini.

String Bikini

String Bikini

We have been getting a lot of postive feedback over the mixed girls we have been featuring lately. Most of the girls are mixed Filipina, but some of the girls like Mae here are Korean American girls. I’ve truly come to believe what everyone says about mixed girls, they usually do seem to get the best of both worlds in terms of their looks. Also these California girls like Mae here aren’t shy at all. She is a natural when it comes to flaunting that cat’s asshole of hers and driving every guy at the photo shoot insane. Oh and yes, this girl does do hardcore.

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Frisky Asian teen Mae prances around topless

Nude Asian teenager Mae

Naked Asian teen Mae

Hold on to your genitals for what we think is Mae’s cutest photo shoot ever. I have never seen a babe rock the boybriefs like our Mae can. She is hot horny and frisky and goddam it she just loves to flaunt her tight teen age body. If these pics do not get you interested then I would check your pulse. And yes Gentlemen, she does do hard core.

Can you believe that cute Asian teens like Mae have sex on camera? Take a look at all of her hardcore pictures and movies at Teen Pinay, the world’s number 1 Pinay chick fetish web page. Join Teen age Filipino now to see all of our wonderful Filipina and Thai bar girls nude.

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