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Wet and wild 18 year old LBFM frolics in the shower.

Sexy Pinay Little brown fucking machine

Sexy Filipina Third world girl

It seems like it has been ages since we have debuted a really sweet new Little brown fucking machine amateur chick so today is a bit of a treat. This is Jojo’s first naked photo shoot and she seems to be a natural without a bit of shyness. I guess you can tell from her looks that she is from the country and is pretty new to the Manila scene. This chick is raw brown sugar and wicked hot and we have a lot more of her to come.

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Classic Thai porn girl Bow and her naked friend.

Perfect body on this naked Thai chick

Perfect body on this naked Thai girl

We used to have a great photographer in Pattaya who had an eye for the pretty girls. In fact many of the girls he shot went on to be stars in the Asian porn world. Girls like Nancy Ho, Lin Si Yi and of course this epic Thai beauty who went by the name Bow. Some girls just have those perfect proportions and will catch your eye immediately, and that was this girls story. She did a few hard core videos (See this Thai girls hard core videos online at Teen age Filipina) and also a scene in an Asian Fever video that I used to fap relentlessly to. We brought this chick out as we are currently going through all of our content and retiring some of these classic scenes. But this chick just demands another look.

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Slim and sexy amateur Filipina chick Maria shows of the body that makes men smile!

Nubile Asian Teen

Nubile Asian Teen age

Over in the Teenager Filipina members only area there are a few girls who we constantly get requests for and of course our sexy Asian vixen Maria is one of them. I think it has something to do with Maria being a classic example of modern Filipino beauty. I mean if you are going to Angeles City this is the sort of chick you are going to want to see, and indeed it is the sort of girl that’s everywhere. This phoho set is just a quickie done with a cheap cam at our hotel, but even so Maria shines through.

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Maria naked photo shoot

Maria and bar girl friend

Maria in her go go outfit

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Tattooed rude and nude Asian wild girl Alyra is back!

Wild Asian Babe

Wild Asian Girl

No other babe in our stable of Asian beauties is getting the hits and clicks like our very own girl Alyra. Every time we see a new photo set or video of this babe it is better than the last so we can’t help but keep the posts coming and to continue to feature this amazing girl. She looks stunning while just topless in this shoot and we just can’t get enough of this hapa beauty.

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Sexy Asian babe gives a frenzied hand job.

Hand Job Service

Hand Job Service

Well it is possible to get a hand job at home, but I think this is something that Asian girls do better. The thing is that you can get any kind of service you require, from a beer and a fellatio at the Kangaroo bar in BKK, right up to a semi-medical prostate massage in Tokyo that can have explosive results. This post feature a skinny and sexy 18 year old Filipino who is using every inch of her awesome body in an effort to pleasure her guy. I love girls like this, she’s happy cos you are happy.

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Sexy Filipina amateur goes all the way hardcore and loves it.

Cute and nude Filipino chick

Cute and naked Pinay girl

Remember this cutie? Earlier this year we had a great photo set of her playing for the camera and squishing her impossibly cute boobs together. Well she is back and things are going a bit farther, in fact they are going just about as far as they can as our chick gets banged with a smile and then takes a sticky semen shot on her amazing body. These are some must see pics and video and you are only going to see them here.

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New girl Thailee is perfect in every way. You will masturbate with this girl!

Nude asian teen age

Nude asian teen

If this picture of our newest chick Thailee didn’t get your attention then I don’t know what will. Where do I start with her, she is 18 and gorgeous. She reminds me of a certain Five-O actress, except that our chick is a porn star. One thing I love about this girl aside from everything, is her perfect little slim ass. We love the slim girls, and we know you do too and we know that you are going to adore our new girls!

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Sexy Filipina beauty Janice goes a bit farther and a bit harder.

Naked and voluptuous Filipina babe

Naked and voluptuous Pinay babe

Sometimes it can take ages to coax a girl out of her clothes, and then sometimes it takes a lot longer to get anything else out of her. Without a doubt Janice is one of our hottest girls. That body of hers is lethal. All we could do so far was dream about getting a grip on those perfect tits or the extasy of cumming in this girls mouth. Well wait no longer, becuase this time she has decided to go a little bit farther.

There is only one place in the world where you are going to see this incredible Asian teen go wild. Teen age Filipina, the world’s number 1 Filipino babe fetish web page. Join Teenager Filipina now to see this girl pleasured and pleasuring.

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