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Another look at slim and sexy Filipina bombshell Maria

Naked Pinay Maria is ready for action!

Nude Pinay Maria is ready for action!

You know I guess it’s time to look back on 2010, on all of our girls and take a second look at the ones who have bubbled to the top. I guess it’s no surprise that we are picking Maria here as one of our faves, I mean just look at this picture. She is the hottest goddam thing in Cebu. And of course she gets extra points for not just being a cute chick, she has had a few great explicit moments.

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Slim and nubile asian teen dream Maria

Filipina sex kitten Maria will take you to paradise

Slim and sultry Maria rocks her booty shorts

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Filipina girl blasted by over the shoulder cum shot!

Messy semen shot on a Pinay babe

Messy cum shot on a Pinay chick

The sad truth is that Pinay girls have a well known reputation for being cumshot dodgers. Thai girls will take almost any bodily fluids you throw at them if the price is right. And of course Japanese girls will do anything imaginable even with an Octopus on top. But Filipina chicks are different, and they always have some excuse for getting their faces away from your semen. So it is a rare thing to see a chick so into splooge as this, and we are proud to present her.

There is only one place you are going to see this girl and her wild mouth massage skills. Come take a look at all of her pics and videos at Teenager Pinay, the world’s number 1 Asian amateur babe sex website. Join Teen Pinay now to see all of our wonderful Filipino and Thai girls!

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Petite Filipina girl struggles and grimaces on top of a big cock

Worried Look

Worried Look

I guess Chix is sort of a reluctant porn star, or at least that’s what I gather from the expression on her face. I think pretty much everyone knows that if you are going to be a porn star you are pretty much going to have to learn to deal with whatever is thrown at you, including a bigger than expected cock on your male partner. The video for this is amazing and there is something extra sexy about watching this chick squirm and grimace on top of this guys cock. And the best part: she actually takes a call from her BF on her mobile while she is doing the video. Only in the PI, and only at Teen age Pinay, the world’s top source for Pinay Sex.

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Frisky mixed asian girl Mae is back and flaunting her nuble body!

Topless Asian Girl

Topless Asian Chick

Sometimes the girl just can’t help it, and in Mae’s case that is just so true. You can tell by the look on this chicks face that she just loves the attention she gets from all the guys ogling her hot teen age Asian body. And I guess I should mention that Mae is not just a pretty picture, do you remember this picture of Mae doing what can only be described as a pro level mouth massage? This babe is one of a kind and I know you are going to love her.

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New hardcore girl Chix gets her little bum squeezed.

Filipino Explicit

Filipina Explicit

This is the face of a babe who has gotten herself into something a little bigger than she had bargained for. Namely this guys dick, which is pretty much above average in size to anything she had experienced before. There is nothing hotter than sex like this, where the participants are really into what they are doing and the sex gets a little bit out of control. This is just a little taste of what’s to come, if you want to see it all Chix has her pics and videos now online at the world’s hottest source for Filipina sex, Teen Filipino.

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More of our nipple pierced Amerasian bad girl Alyra.

Shaved asian girl

Shaved asian girl

What can I say about how charming our girl Alyra is. She has it all, the best of asia and the best of western culture. I know a lot of guys don’t like the tattoos on their girls but face it that can be very hot if done right and the babe has the strength of character to pull it off. The only other Asian babe I can think of that wears her tattoos so well is maybe Jandi Lynn. Well Alyra has been pretty popular so lets get it all covered and do a little recap of this amazing girl:

Rude and nude Asian babe Alyra

Asian Emo drem girl Alyra

Tattooed and mixed race babe Alyra

Meet our new tattoeed wild babe

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Gorgeous and sultry nude LBFM Cebuana teen strips for our cameras.

Sultry naked Filipino amateur chick

Sultry naked Filipina amateur chick

Well we have had a bit of a field trip down Cebu way and what a great time. Unspoiled beaches, fresh food, and of course lots of Cebuanas! For you gringos reading this a Cebuana is a beautiful chick from the island of Cebu. What’s different about them? They are almost universally fun loving, golden skinned and toothy smiled. Really there are as many varieties of Pinay beauty as there are islands so it is pretty much countless. Julie here is just 19 and was looking to audition and make a few extra bucks. She is just one of the Twenty new girls we have lined up for you from our little expedition. It’s going to be a very Merry Christmas!

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