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Filipina dream girl Maria is back in a wicked little hard core session.

Sexy Filipina chick

Sexy Filipina chick

Our babe Maria is one of those chicks with what we call sexual charisma. She seems to know what to do to control men and she is completely aware of how hot she is and how everyone wants the pleasure her 18 year old body can give. When we do photo shoots with this chick we don’t have to say anything at all to her, she is so good she needs no direction.

Do you like wicked Asian amateur girls like Maria here? Well we love them. See all the pics and videos we have of Maria online now at Teen Filipino. This stuff is all exclusive and you are just not going to see anything like it any place else. This is why year after year we remain the number 1 site for Pinay and Thai bar girls and lovely amateur Asian naked girls.

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Gorgeous tattooed Asian wild bitch Alyra is back.

Wild nude and tattooed

Wild naked and tattooed

I suppose that none of the girls we have had here recently has had as much feedback as Alyra here. It seems from the emails that we get, that you either love her or hate her. There are a ton of guys saying omfg she is even hotter than Maria Ozawa, and then just as many more that don’t like the fact that she is not one hundred percent Pinay or those that say that her tats are nasty. Well even if you are not into tats or piercings you have to admit the girl is cute. There is a shot in this series where she has the sun in her eyes and you can see their true color and beauty and it just drives my wild. Very dishy girl!

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Gorgeous Korean chick Psyche shows off her smooth shaved body

Smooth shaved nude Korean girl

Smooth shaved naked Korean girl

I guess it’s clear that we are not just about the Filipina girls. Lord knows we love them, but variety is the spice of life, and if something special walks in our door we will certanly take a close look. Well today that something special is Korean babe Psyche. She’s clearly a California girl and she has a truly lovely perfectly shaved vagina. One of the most gorgeous vaginas I have ever seen in fact. I think we have just added 7 photo sets with nearly one thousand pics of this girl so I think you are going to be very happy.

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Two girls are better than one. Wild times with some very cute LBFM babes.

Soapy shower girls

Soapy shower girls

These 2 beauties are not strangers to danger, we have featured them here before. But today we are going to check out that strange phenomenon where two girls together are somehow hotter than they would be individually. Joanna and Julie know how to egg each other on and make a hot Makati night even hotter. If there is anything better than partying with these 2 19 year old cuties I can’t imagine what it is.

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Wild breasted Filipina bomb shell participates in freaky threesome

Round breasted Pinay Hard Core

Busty Filipina Hard Core

This is one of those things that can really only happen in Manila. When we sent our photographer out to so a threeway with the gorgeous Alma Chua this is not exactly what we had in mind, but there is something so freaky about it that we just have to publish it as it stands as testament to what can go wrong in the Philippines. Freakiness aside, watching her get multiple man juice shots to those fabulous boobs of hers pretty much makes up for any other mayhem.

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Gorgeous Filipina teen Nelly shows off an awesome body.

Gorgeous Naked Filipina Babe

Gorgeous Naked Filipino Girl

Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. I know a lot of the guys who frequent our blog like the girls who are mixed or who are sort of Mestiza looking. So if that’s you maybe you should tune out now because Nelly here is one hundred percent cat eyed Asian babe. In fact she has a look that could easily pass for a Malay or one of the beauties off of the streets of Singapore. I think this chick is gorgeous and in fact she is one of the most popular girls over at Teen Filipina.

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Wickedly sexy full frontal nude pictorial from Filipina dream girl Janice

Full Frontal Filipino Naked Babe

Full Frontal Pinay Nude Babe

I guess as we look back now on 2010 and the girls who made the year for us we have to take another special look at dream babe Janice. I suppose out of all of our more recent models Jan is the one who has the widest appeal and is the most classic beauty. This chick really knows how to work a camera and project that killer sexy look.

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Wickedly sexy naked Pinay school girl

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