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Slim and sexy eighteen year old Filipina teen Lisa

Angeles City Amateur

Some of the more experienced Pinay hunters will no doubt know Lisa from her time on one of the top Filipino sex sites. I gather she was an exclusive model there for a couple of years and now all of her material both old and new is available on all of the Filipina sites. This girl has that sort of look and the sort of body that only an 18 year old Filipina babe can have and I know you will not be disappointed. As well there is a ton of video of her including some very hot action.

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Big breasted nude Filipina teen shows off her kinky side.

Kinky nude Filipina teenager

It may not be obvious, but not all Filipino girls actually reside in the Philippines. Now the girls in the Islands have a charm all their own and a sexy brown suger rawness, but their sisters in the USA have a very special charm. Our chick Dee Dee has a rocking body and she knows it, I mean not every Asian girl has a set of breasts like these. And because she’s a California chick, well she can be a bit kinky.

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Summer is here finally! Stay cool with a soapy nude Filipina teen.

Soapy Massage Filipina Babe

The one thing that can make even the hottest naked Asian babe hotter is a liberal coating of some sort of slippery substance. Rowena here shows us how this works by colling her hot and nubile young body down from the Angeles City heat using lots of water and soapy suds. This babe has perfect proportions and is one of the best examples of Filipino beauty we have seen in a long time.

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Gorgeous Filipina porn starlet Kina Kai shows off her nude body and sultry eyes.

Asian porn star

Kina Kai is gorgeous, and I think it’s time we took a close look at this Pinay American porn starlet. I guess some of you will know who she is from her many erection inducing hard core videos. Let’s just say there is nothing this babe will not do, and no holes are blocked from entry including the asshole. And I have to say this girl has a real talent with the camera, and knows hot to use her eyes and good looks to make it all fantastic. Teen Filipino has just taken delivery of about 200 pics and a half dozen videos of Kina so expect to be dazzled by her soon.

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Sultry eyed and wild breasted Filipina amatuer Cindy squeezes her cute tits.

Squeeze my tits

Nothing is hotter to me than when girls, and especially Asian girls work their tiny breasts and squeeze them together. Nothing is as hot as when these girls are trying to sell what they have. We did a post starring Cindy here a couple of weeks back and it seems a lot of guys like her raw appeal. She looks really angry in these pics but she has just had braces put on her teeth and is very self conscious about them. Actually I think they are hurting her mouth, so it’s a rare thing to see her smile but when she does it’s an awesome sight. Want to see more 18 year old asian teens like Cindy? Teen Pinay is the world’s largest source for sexy young Pinay and Thai babes. Over 900 different girls online now, click here to see more of our girls!

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18 year old porn starlet Amai Liu struggles with a big cock

Amai Liu

Amai Liu is in that class of Asian American porn starlets who are renowned for their petite looks and sexual energy. In the same category with Amai are girls like Kitty Jung and to a lesser extent Evelyn Lin and many other girls. The main thing that these girls seem to have in common is that they are uncommon porn stars, and seem to be doing it for the thrills rather than the money. This set of Amai is very hot, and you wonder how she can even get this guys cock inserted into her tiny body. Yes she is 18, and yes you are only going to see the whole set here.

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