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Shy Asian teen Kodye shows off her cute and skinny ass.

Skinny Asian Ass

We have done a few photo sets and videos with Asian teen age Kodye, and you can tell in all of them that she is more than a bit shy and didn’t want to give up anything for the camera. This is one of her wilder photo sets becase we eventually were able to talk her into getting all of her clothes off and sporting off her cute ass and pussy. For some reason though she keeps her breasts out of bounds and we are going to have to wait until the next photo set to see what she does about that. I don’t know what her iissue is because of course we love flat breasts girls here.

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Mistress of the house pounds her skinny friend with a strap on.

Big Boobs Pinay

Women can sometimes be unbelievably cruel and catty, and Filipina girls are no exception to this rule. In fact in many ways Asian girls can be very sensitive about their status and sporting it off. So what better way to show off who’s boss and mistress in the villa than getting out the strap on and pounding the house girls silly. You had better believe that there is no dissent amongst any of the staff after this.

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Diamond in the rough: Tough looking Filipina nude teen with great tits.

Raw Pinay Naked

Sometimes real beauty is not quite where you think you may find it. We do search the clubs and malls of Makati looking for hotties all the time and of course we find quite a few. But this girl was different, she worked as a stock girl in a local supermarket and would always give us these tough glances when we went in. I guess that was her way of sporting the love, because what do you know here she is naked. I love her hard eyes and her very firm and nubile teenage tits. And yeah she did shave that snatch smooth for us.

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Do you believe there are blue eyed Filipina girls?

Blue Eyed Pinay

Are there any blue eyed Pinay girls? Well of course there are as the Philippine people are made up of so many different races from around the world. Is our chick Michelle here really blue eyed? Well I am not so sure, but with a body like hers I don’t think many guys are worried about her eyes too much. This girl is simply perfect and we have a ton of her nude pics and videos. Michelle is one of the new girls for 2011 online right now at Teen Filipina, so head on over if you would like to see what’s new.

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Wickedly cute Filipina girl next door shows off her sexy body.

Nude Filipina Babe Next Door

In recent times there has been a total about face in the way we view sexy girls. In the old days when all we had was Playboy we would generally see glamorous models and women thjat in general you would never see in real life. Nowadays on the Internet the hottest thing going is in fact ordinary amateur girls, and it seems no one wants to look at the old style posed beauty queens because they know it is just not real. Well I can assure you that our girls are the real deal, and they are just the kind of girls you would run into here. Nothing beats real girls.

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Tiny tits petite Filipina LBFM squeezes her breasts.

Tiny Tits

One of the hottest things a girl can do is sell what she has got, even when she doesn’t have very much. Toni here doesn’t have big boobs, but she has great tits. And she is one of those girls who always seems to be tugging at her body and clothes like its a hot coal. One of the hottest things she does is what she shows off in this set of pics, she squeezes and pumps up her firm little boobs to make them bigger and quite frankly it is as hot as hell. Oh and by the way, can you believe she does explicit? Get ready for some far east fapping!

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Slim and sexy LBFM teen go go dancer strips naked.

Sexy Asian Go Go Girl

I think some of the hottest picture and movie sets we see here by far are the ones where we take real Go Go girls back to the studio to let them do their thing in their real dance outfits. Gerry here is rocking in her shiny see through top and she looks great. Some of the other hot go go girls we have featured like this before are Maria in her see through go go outfit, sexy Giselle in her skimpy little thong style outfit and of course real Filipino go go girls Alice and Rose who are wearing pretty much nothing at all.

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Cooling off the best set of breasts in Asia. Busty nude Filipina in the shower.

Breasty naked Asian teen girl

Breasts like these are as hot as plutonium and the only way to cool them down is to immerse them in a cooling flow of refreshing soapy water. Actually I wonder if anything can cool down a red hot 18 year old Filipina chick like this. A babe with a body like this is a rare thing indeed and you are not going to see her anywhere else.

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