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Busty Filipina breast teaser Dee Dee is back, and she is all woman.

Big breast Pinay chick

Ah what can we say about Dee Dee. The girl just can’t help it; she is just plain magnificent and Hundred percent all woman from head to toe. I guess she knows that her tits are pretty much lethal weapons and it seems she has become pretty good with teasing us all with them.

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Round breasted Pinay teen age Dee Dee shows off her kinky side

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Wild sexy Filipina perfection. Prepare to be blown away by this new porn starlet.

Filipina hard core sex

It always seems that when we do get hot new girls they all come in groups. Well we do have a new line-up of fabulously hot girls, and the first one to hit the street is this girl, Milly. The thing that makes her perfect is that she has an angel’s face but the full on and wild body that only a hot Filipina girl can have. This is her first hard core shoot and you can see she is a bit nervous and really squirming on top of this cock. And remember when I said the girls were coming in a group? This is just one of three incredible new hard core debuts we have coming.

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Want to know if your Filipina girl friend really loves you? See if she will send you some nude mirror pics.

Naked Filipino girl friend

So without a doubt you have a Filipina hottie you are chatting with on MSN or whatever and without a doubt every day this girl is telling you how much she loves you and how great it will be when you are finally married and she moves to America. I can tell you I have known guys who have hire Private Investigators to see what their girls are up to in the Philippines. No worries, you don’t need any of that. Ask here to send you some sexy pics to keep you all warm at night until you are together again. If you get them like we did, then jackpot, you have a keeper.

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More of gorgeous blue eyed Filipina Michelle

Blue eyed Filipina nude chick

Our first feature on new babe Michelle got such a favourable rating that we figured why the hell not do another. The story that our photographer gives us is that this beauty wants to be a TV actress in the
Phillipines and is willing to do whatever to further her career. I’m thinking she is going to have no problems at all due to her extraordinary beauty, this girl is a living Pinay doll.

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Amerasian beauty has a screaming orgasm in the shower

Mixed asian girl naked in the shower

Who would have thought that mixed race girls would become one of our favourite topics. Here is yet another half Filipina beauty, and this one is beyond smoking hot. I mean you can clearly see the trouble in her eyes she is so damn sexy. Yes she had a screaming orgasm right there in the shower, and yes we do have hardcore pics and videos of this amazing girl.

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And of course tattooed and bad girl Alyra

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Sexy nude Asian geek girl Alyra is back, tattoos and all.

Asian Punk Girl

Regardless of what anyone might say about not liking tattoos or mixed girls, our very own mixed babe Alyra always gets a ton of views and emails whenever we do a feature on her. This chick is very cute and is a real girl next door, and of course these girlfriend looking chicks are all the rage these days. Check out some of her other galleries:

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Nude and outside with tattooed wild bitch Alyra

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