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Drunk Asian teen ready to attack with a threatening banana!

I have a banana!

After a few drinks our girl Nicole went bat shit crazy and started threaatening the photo crew with a banana. This babe has a lot of attitude and is a blast to work with. Wait until you see her explicit stuff it is out of this world to see such a slim girl fucking so damn hard. I don’t think we have had many girls who really enjoy playing and sex as much as this chick. We try hard to bring you the newest and most unusual stuff and Nicole here is completely exclusive to Teen Filipina. Check her out you wont be disappointed.

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Sexy 18 year old Melodey moans all the way through a sensuous Asian oil massage

Asian Oil Massage

For the most part it’s expected the girls are giving the massages rather than receiving but today it’s a bit different and our girl is on the receiving end of a sexy baby oil massage. Actually you can see she was a little bit nervous to be doing her first adult photo shoot and I think this was just the best way to relax her. If you take a close look at her face you can see she seems pretty nervous but calms down quickly and even starts to shake and moan uncontrollably. One of the cutest girls we have seen come out of th Philippines lately, hope you like her too.

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Asian girls – How skinny is too skinny to be sexy?

Skinny Asian teen age in the shower

One thing I can tell you from my experiences here is that guys seem to love the slim girls, and it’s the slim girls that get all the clicks. And one thing the very slim girls can do that seems to drive everyone wild is writhe their slim bodies, either on the go go floor or as in the case of our new chick Nicole here while all soaped up in the shower. Nicole is brand new and we have commisioned a whole bunch of pics and videos of this babe that are going online over the next couple of months. If you like the slim girls then you have come to the right place.

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Gorgeous amateur Janice is back and is wriggling out of her tubetop.

Shaved snatch Asian girl

I guess if there is any girl here that we could call perfect it would be the charming Janice. She has it all, a charming beautiful girl next door face and one of the best bodies we have ever seen anywhere. This particular photo and video series where she is wriggling out of her tube top simply have to be seen to be believed and is one of our fave sets on Teenager Filipina.

Check out some more posts featuring the lovely Jan:

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Jan goes a bit farther and a bit harder

Sexy Janice strips out of her school uniform

Bedroom eyed naked Filipino teen age Jan

Janice shows off her perfect naked shaved pussy

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Wow. Scorching Filipina body in these homemade nude pics.

Pinay Students Naked

Most of the time the submitted pics we get are largely disappointing. But these shots we received from Filipina sweetheart Samantha are unbelievable. She had shot them to try to entice her BF to head on over to the Philippine Islands, and when that didn’t happen she sent them to us. Sam is one of those girls who is certainly cute, but completely blows you away once she is naked. Who the hell knew she was rocking a body like this. Obviously we are taking an interest in this babe and have made some calls and hope to see more of her as soon as possible, so stay tuned. In the meantime check out all of her pics on the site.

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Cute nude Filipina teen Carol gets lathered up in the shower

Filipino Shower Sex

There seems to be some sort of law of physics that makes hot girls much hotter if they are coated with something slippery like baby oil or in this case soapy lather. Sexy Pinay chick Carol here looks absolutely fantastic covered in sexy soapy suds. Could you imagine getting a soapy hands free massage, or indeed any attention at all from this chick? If you like these amateur girls please rate them highly. These are real girls who are either posing naked for kicks or a bit of extra cash and you are not going to see them anywhere else.

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Filipina goddess Carla shows off a cute smile and a hot teen body

Carla in the bathroom

You know if a beautiful babe like this is letting you see her nude in the bathroom it’s all good. And that’s because she has become comfortable around you and lost all of her inhibitions, and usually that means sexual inhibitions as well. Our girl Carla is head to to fantastic with a teenager asian body that is juts beyond compare. In fact if I would have to pick 10 of our girls who are the most beautiful in a classic sense Carla would certainly be on that list.

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Check out this cute little Asian rump shaker.

Frolicking in her underpants

Those of you who have followed us for a while will no doubt recognize Mae right away. Mae is a very hot and spunky mixed girl who loves nothing better than to flaunt her ass in your face. And in terms of the best way to flaunt your ass there is no way better than to slip on a pair of cute underpants and then stick it all under your nose.

Mae has done a few shoots for us and you can take a look and see which you like best:

Sexy Amerasian teenager Mae struggles to ejaculate a big penis

Ultra hottie Mae puts on her string bikini and flaunts her asshole

Frisky Asian teen age Mae just cannot help showing off her nubile body

Cute Mae sucks cock like a wizard

There is a lot more of this girl but that should keep you busy for a little while…

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