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Raw and sexy Manila beauty slips out of her tiny string bikini

String Bikini

Sometimes the clothes make the girl, and sometimes even just a little bit of clothing is sexier than total nudity. When you hit the go go bars in Manila the thing that really makes it all hotter than hell are the ridiculously skimpy outfits the girls are dancing in. And there is no hotter situation than to get one of those girls like this back to your hotel room.

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Sexy Filipina babe Mildred struggles to insert a huge toy.

Filipino Beauty Naked

Does this girl look worried? I think she had our doubts about whether or not she could really manage to insert our rubbery pink sex toy. But once it was in there she went absolutely nuts. This sort of reminds me of the days way back when we would show up in Makati with vibrators and other toys the girls had never used and they went completely screaming wild. WHomever can get a Sybian over there will be a very popular guy indeed.

And oh yeah, we are a few days late with posing as our sites have been moved to new servers so there is room for more and more hot Pinay teens.

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More sexy Asian oil massage. 18 year old Riyu moans during a hot sensual massage.

Asian Oil Massage

I think we are on to something, the best way to get our Filipina models in the mood is to pamper them and give them a sexy hot oil massage. We tried this once before with sexy Melodey, see her amazing hot oil massage here and now we are going to go for it again with Riyu. These sexy Asian girls always seem to look better when they are oiled, and if you can get them in the mood with a naked rubdown then the sex that follows is going to be just that much hotter.

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Tiny tits Asian teen Angel shows off her perfectly shaved pussy.

Shaved Pussy

We have done a few posts on this lovely Malaysian chick before but somehow we completely overlooked this amazing photo set and video. Here is an as yet unseen photo set of Angel sporting off her perfectly shaved pussy in the California sun. This chick just has that certain something and she has always been popular on our site and elsewhere and always gets a lot of clicks. Very hot and you will only see pics and videos like this here.

Check out some other posts featuring Angel:

Slim Malaysian teen age Angel posing naked outdoors

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I love it when sexy girls have an attitude…

Sexy Filipino Amateur

And our babe Mahal certainly has an attitude. This is a girl who can absolutely rock your world and knows it. If only all the girls we meet in the Philippine Islands were like here then our lives would be complete. These pics and this babe are the real deal and so is the babe and I guess this is what it is like to be locked in a sleazy hotel room with a very hot and demanding chick. Do you think you could handle her?

Here’s another post we did on this Filipina wild babe last year.

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Busty Asian teen tigress Mai keeps a tight grip on her big titties.

Spectacular asian tits

We all like girls who tease us, even if we think we don’t. And one of the best teases we have in our stable is the delightful Mai. This babe has some very big titties and in all of the phot sets and videos I have seen of this babe she seems to like to keep a tight grip on them. I don’t know what she is thinking, maybe her boobs are so amazing they will fly off or explode if she doesn’t keep hold of them.

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Meet soapy and sexy petite Asian babe Marizza!

Ultra nubile mixed Asian babe

I admit it, in general we seem to gravitate towards the crazier Asian girls and situations here on our blog. Last week we had Nicole going berserk after drinking 2 big bottles of beer, so I think it’s time to tone it down a bit and show off some very hot and cute Asian teens. This is the first posing here we have done featuring Marizza, but over on Teen age Filipino there are a few sets of her including hardcore. If you like these really cute mixed race girls then you have absolutely found the source.

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