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Stunning Filipina web cam girl burns her way out of a skimpy little bikini

Pinay Cam Chick

We have made the picture for this post a little bit larger because that was the only way to fit in all of the incredible goodness that is our chick Maybel. This babe literally burns her way out of this skimpy bikini and looks incredible just completely naked. No need for any make-up or flattering poses with this babe, she simply is perfect. We have a few new sets and videos of this girl and starting today they are all going online.

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Real self shot Filipina girl friends. Do you have any pics like this in your email?

Filipino Babe Friends

Well it’s official, the whole naked self pic craze that has been going on in the rest of the world is finally catching on in the Philippines. Despite what you see here the Philippine Islands is a pretty conservative country and even though the girls are often wild, they don’t like to get caught being wild so not a lot of them were doing the naked selfpic thing until now. So take a look at these pics and just imagine your inbox full of treats like this from that hottie you met on your last vacation.

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Slim and sexy Filipina beauty. This is the real reason we like Asian girls.

Filipina Go Go Chick

It’s not always true, but bye and large Asian girls are slimmer than their counterparts here in the land of hamburgers. I mean if you line up a Hundred 18 year old girls in the USA and another 100 in the PI I think there is going to be no contest about which ones will be the skinniest. So in celebration of that fact and to perpetuate our fetish for slim Asian girls here is another look at the wickedly cute Maria.

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Filipina American girl friend shows off her piercings and tattoos in these hot Iphone self pics

Filipino Iphone

I know a lot of guys here are purists when it comes to Asian girls. They pretty much want them cute and unscathed by any sort of decadent tattoos or whatever things that a lot of American girls do to themselves. In fact that’s one of the reasons that Filipina’a are so desired, because for the most part they are very old school and old fashioned. But the thing is about girls like this is that if they are willing to do this to their bodies they are pretty much natural show offs and can be very kinky indeed in the sack. Our girl Brooke here has a very cute ass and a great tattoo and of course she cannot help but show it off in some nude self pics.

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Beautiful Manila call girl brightens up our shady hotel room

Filipina Blow Job

If you do a lot of travelling and have seen the inside of as many shady hotel rooms as we have you know that only 2 things are going to brighten up the decor. The first thing is liqour, and lots of it. And the second thing is the company of a beautiful young girl. Well today we have some pics of such a babe, and in fact you may recognize Maria from the pics we have featured before. This time she’s not being shot by a professional photographer but rather by a fat guy with his phone cam but she is so hot we thought we would post this gallery anyways.

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Nude pics from a super cute Filipina self shot girlfriend.

Sexy Self Shot Pics

It must be really really nice to wake up in the morning, check your email and find out that your long distance Pinay gf misses you so much she has put on a special little show for you. I suppose that if there is anything great that has come out of the world of technology recently this is it. I guess this whole self shoot thing obtained critical mass when decent cameras started to be put on phones. Before that there were good digital cameras, but for some reason the self pic thing was not as big a deal. And it didn’t catch on in the PI for the longest time, but now we see sexy pics being submitted by gf’s there all the time.

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Ultra skinny Asian teen Nicole gets down and dirty with her boyfriend

Slim Asian Teenager

I have to say we were totally shocked to get these pics as I never in a million years had thought this girl would go all the way and then send us the video. She is one of those super slim chicks with a lot of energy and it usually gets her into trouble. I guess you have seen the previous posts on her when she got drunk and took all of her clothes off and then did a slinky gyrating naked dance in the shower. I mean she is a lot of fun but I never thought I would see a video of her begging for cum. This is must see if you like skinny Asian girls.

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It’s shower time. Wet and wild with a nude showering Filipina babe.

Showering Pinay Teen

I guess it goes without saying that girls are always hotter when they are wet. Or at least hot girls are always hotter… Asian and Filipino girls especially look good in the shower, and I guess one of the reasons is because its so hot in the PI that everyone is just so happy to be in the shower in the first place. So check out this hottie soaping up and see if you don’t feel cooler yourself.

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