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Busty Asian amateur girl Sylvia gets it on with her boy friend.

Asian hard core

Sylvia has actually done a few shoots for us before, check out this great picture series of this babe in the shower here. But this is her first ever hard core shoot and she only would do it if her real boy friend was in on the action. A lot of these girls tend to follow this sort of progression, first a naked shoot or two, then something more and if they feel comfortable with who they are with they will eventuall go for the full HD hardcore video like this.

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Insane puffy nipples on ths skinny Filipina teen

Aroused nipples

Do you think diamonds are rare? Well they are in no way as rare as the holy grail of Asian girls with puffy nipples. I guess you may spend a lot of time cruising the web for porn, and during that time how many girls do you see with a set of insanely erect and aroused puffie like this? Not many I think. Irene is one of our fave girls, and she just can’t help the whole puffies thing.

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Nervous looking FIlipina girl friend does a few nude mirror pics

My Pinay girlfriend

Well I guess you know the girl really really likes you if she is sending you some pics like these. Ever since we opened up the submissions we have been getting a ton of hot pics of some really cute (and sometimes a little less than cute) Pinay girls. So here are the latest self shot releases.

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The first nude photo shoot from cute Asian teen Ally!

Asian Gymnast

So last time we had a teaser pic from this photo shoot and now we are ready to go with it. Here is a little behind the scenes look at Aliona as she gets ready for her HD video shoot. This babe has made quite a splash, and the main reason is because she is such a natural performer. And that’s because she has spent most of her life training as a gymnast. It sounds almost too good to be true, but yes it is all true and there is only one place you are going to see this amazing girl, and that’s here at Teen Pinay.

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Meet the new girl. 19 year old Asian teen hottie Aliona

Teenager Asian Naked Chick

Click Here For More Of This Asian Teen age

Sometimes one of our staff digs up something great and we have to rush a little taste of it out to you even though it’s not all quite ready to go. Well today we are bringing you a taste of new girl Aliona. She is just 19 and amazingly petite and lithe. And yes she was a gymnast in school so prepare to be blown away by some of the things she is able to do. We have a ton of all new pics and HD movie of this girl so stay tuned for more or log into Teen Filipino to take a look at her now.

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Girls are always sexier when they are slippery. Wild hot oil sex with a gorgeous teen filipina girl.

Oily Filipino Teen

Just last week when we were doing a post featuring our new girl Maybel dropping her bikini we were hoping that she might be talked into doing something a little more intense. Well we were stunned to find that pretty much the very next day she did book a hard core shoot and we now have the pics and videos. It’s obvous that this chick has a stunning body and watching those big boobs and puffers nipples of hers bounce around is almost too much to bear.

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