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Another look at cute skinny Asian teen phenomenon Alicia

Slim Asian teen Alicia

It isn’t very often we will lable on of the girls as a phenomenon, but considering the attention that this girl has been getting lately she is definitely deserving of the title. As far as we can tell our babe Alicia has made the transition to hard core and has been spotted on a few sites involved in some wild sex including an orgy or two. We have just received a few high def vids of this girl and one of them is related to this picture set where she is soaping up and pleasuring herself in the shower. One of the things that really sets this chick apart from the other besides her mixed looks and beauty is her performing charisma. Because she was so petite she was a gymnast in high school and she has a natural ability to use her body to perform. Must see if you like petite and or slim Asian teens.

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Nude Filipina teen soaps up a set of perfect breasts

Pinay in the shower

There is nothing more exciting than watching your beautiful Filipina GF take a pre-coital shower to get all cleaned up. It can be so hot in the Philippines that this is really a big part of foreplay for me as well as a necessary way to cool down. Back in the old days when we had a compound with a pool the parties were insane becuase the girls enjoyed the cool water so much. Well we can’t afford the pool anymore but we do get some very hot girls into the shower from time to time and here is another gorgeous naked Filipino amateur girl we would like to share with you.

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Leashed Filipina petgirl gives blowjob of a lifetime

Pinay pet babe

One of the hottest things imaginable is when yor babe has gotten herself so far in the mood that she will do anything, and nowadays that means trying to emulate what she had seen the other girls do on the Internet. When my chick has been bad I always make sure I demand some “Internet Sex” as punishment and that means anything goes. Brooke here is one of our freakier girls and what you see in these pics is just the tip of the iceberg as far as this chick goes.

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Wild Filipina hooker gets an A for effort

One thing that always makes me as hot as hell is when I walk the seedy streets of Makati or Bangkok and the hookers try to outdo each other for my attentions. There are a few particular events that come to mind, once in Hong Kong when the hotties flooded out of their nest to greet me and another time in Patong when I popped my head into a local bar. But nothing compares to the sexual fury and total chick friend experience you can get in the Philippines. Here is a little pictorial example of one of our girls getting all hot and oiled and then pounding the crap out of some lucky dude!

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Petite Filipina teen loves to show off her hot skinny ass

Slim Pinay Girl

One of the biggest reasons guys tend to like Asian girls is that they are different then what you have there at home. Opposites attract, and there is one thing that usually puts Asian girls in the exotic category is that they are skinny. Yes ladies, guys like skinny girls. And we know this because for all of these years we have been abe to see what people like to click on and by far the most clicks go to the skinniest chicks.

See More Skinny Teen age Filipina Amateur Girls Here!

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Incredible vid caps from skinny Alicia’s hi def video shoot!

Petite Asian Nude

Alicia has become quite popular her in a very short period of time. She has everything we know our guys are after, a killer and petite Nineteen year old body and the attitude of a girl who loves to perform. In fact I am sure we mentioned before in our last post featuring this babe that she was a gymnast before becoming an adult starlet, and indeed that is true. This video is a must see if you like this sort of petite chick and watching Alicia splash around and pleasure herslef in the bathtub is down right excruciating.

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