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Are you ready for something new from Asia? Check out the newest Teen Filipina girl Princess.

Pinay Princess

You know we audition a lot of new girls and have new updates going on all the time at Teen Filipina. You can check out all of the updates as they come out on the Filipina Girls Update Page. A lot of the girls are very sexy but every once in a while there is a new chick like Princess here who stands out with either her beauty or attitude and makes everyone take notice. Actually Princess has both beauty and attitude and she is all win. This chick is nude, knows you like it, and she likes that. This kind of confidence can be a little rare so it is really arousing when we see it like this.

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Raw looking Filipina teen Cindy shows off her puffy nipples


This is one of those girls who looks a bit dour and if she has a mean streak but that is not the case at all. Her only problem is that she has braces and she is a biut shy to smile, even tho in my opinion they makre her look as cute as hell. This is actually the kind of babe I like the most from the PI, a bit rough around the edges and with a more oriental look to her face. And yeah those puffy nipples. An Asian girl with really nice puffie is a rare treat indeed, and I love the way this girls nipples just go through the roof when she has sex.

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Cute new FIlipina amateur gets a relaxing oil massage and then passionate sex.

Pinay Oil Massage

None of the girls we feature here are really pros at what they do and a lot of the time they can get pretty nervous. There are a few notable exceptions and sometimes we will get a chick who is a sexual natural but that is the exception to the rule. So our guy in the Philippines has found a sure fire way to get the girls relaxed and in the mood. These girls love getting a sexy baby oil massage and as well as relaxing them the girls look red hot once they are all oiled and horny. Our babe here was sucking and bucking like a real porn star after this treatment, and the way she tries so hard to please is damn sexy.

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More hot pictures emailed in by my hot nude Filipina girl friend

My Filipina GF

If you were a foreign guy in the Philippines and you have any game at all you will get a lot of attention from the girls. Now a lot of it will not be sincere as a great many of the girls are just looking to score their way out and are no doubt playing you and pretty much every other foreign guy they have met. You may think that you are the victim, but if you are smart you can be the winner and use the chick’s greed against them. Stack up as many online GF’s as possible and make them send you hot self shot pics. Thats a win and you will have free fap material for a long time.

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