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Is Asian teen Nicole too skinny to have sex? She certainly tries hard enough.

Slim asian babe

Nicole here first came tou our attention late last year and was willing to do a few self shoots and even some sexy stuff with her boyfriend. Some times girls like this can have a real sexual need and can be real firecrackers as they are trying to compensate for their self perceived shortcomings. But we love slim girls and are very proud to bring Nicole to you in her first Pro Teen age Pinay Shoot. Actually after looking at her old photo shoots again I think she’s put on a few pounds lol..

Here are some of Nicole’s previous amateur shoots:

Nicole – how slim is too slim?

Slim and sexy Nicole gets drunk with a threatening banana

Ultra skinny Asian gets cummed on by her boy friend

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Screaming anal sex with gorgeous Amerasian teen Sylvia

Asian Anal Sex

We always like to shake it up and bring you the best of what we see. And if you have been a long time reader here no doubt you will know we like the exotic babes and especially the mixed race girls. We have done a few photo shoots and vids with Sylvia here but she had always been a hands off sort of girl and there was no way we could talk her into even mild sex. Well thanks to the current global recession we find that quite a few of the girls who were off limits the first time around seem to show up in our offices looking for a pay check and willing to do almost anything. So when a chick does come around a second time we always say we want everything done and try to push the limits a bit. So here we have it, the amazing Sylvia anal sex session.

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LBFM wild girl writhes and moans until she gets her cum shot

third world girl pleasure

This time wild babe Rowena is sporting off a lot more than her winning smile and pigtails. This chick is more than cute, she has the sexual skills to make any man blush. This time she writhes and snakes her amazing Lbfm body until she gets a sticky shot of loving. This is an amazing POV photo set and trust me the video is even better.

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Pigtailed and perfect LBFM teen school girl shows off winning smile and tiny tits.

Pig Tailed

I guess if we were looking for a girl or an image that showed why we love our Little brown fucking machine girls so much this might be it. Really the big and overall attraction with Filipino girls is their warmth. There are beautiful girls all over the world but I doubt many of them have this sort of charm. There is nothing so disarming as the ear to ear smile yoe can get from your fave Pinay girl. Rowena has it all, a perfect teenager LBNFM asian body and a charming beauty that sets her apart from all of the other Teenager Filipina girls.

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Filipina school girl Elaine straddles and struggles on top of her man.

squirming Pinay

One thing I have found out is that even the horniest girl can get a little self conscious when she gets up on top. I guess there are a few reasons for this in that the girls often think they don’t look pretty when they are on top, and often they are just not interested in getting banged balls deep. 18 year old Filipina student Elaine does a pretty good job even though there is a fair bit of struggling and moaning and it’s pretty clear that she is not really a professional at this. And like all of the newer girls the whole thing was caught in real hi def movie and is a must see if you love Filipina chicks as much as we do.

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A little bit more from one of our all time top Filipina girls Lala.

Clean shaved asian pussy

I think at this point we have been doing this far too long to ever be able to pick out a top girl. We have had a ton of top girls and it’s more like each of these girls is the champion of their particular era. Now I couldn’t really even list out a top 10, but I could say that this girl would certainly be in it if I could. Lala has a completely unique mestizo look and a body that I have literally seen stop traffic in Makati. We have tons and tons of this girls pics and videos online so if this is what you think of when you think about Pinay girls (and everyone seems to have a different idea about the ideal Filipino) then you have come to the correct place.

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Sexy candid behind the scenes shots of Teen Filipina beauty Maybel in the shower


Maybel has become one of the fave girls and her videos really rock the house. But no matter what this chick is doing she is sexy and it’s often the candid moments that are the sexiest. Watching this babe soap of after a good sexual workout is a real treat and we are going to take another look at these amazing behind the scenes shots of this beauty cooling down in the shower. The slippery soapy suds simply amplify this girls beauty way off the charts. Oh and by the way if you ever want to make out like a bandit when you visit Angeles City here is a little tip: stay in a place with a nice bathtub. THe girls love to cool off and get cleaned up all the time.

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