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More real Asian girl friends. Gorgeous Jane from Pattaya.

My Thai Babe Friend

Everyone knows at least one guy who has returned from Thailand or the Philippine Islands and has amazing tales to tell of hot sex and hot weather. And chances are these guys get the fever and spend all of their time back home depressed and willing to do anything to get back to some chick in Asia. Some guys do a lot more than talk and give up their lives including selling their homes and divorcing their wives and kids to go back. And if it involves meeting up with a chick like Jane here it’s easy to see why.

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Getting the real girl friend experience on vacation in Asia.

Thai GF

One of the guys we have dealt with from time to time is a famous content shooter who has worked in the Philippine Islands and Thailand. In the old days he would do a lot of shots and videos of girls that were largely posed but nowadays he has a great and gritty journalistic style that kind of illustrates the whole Asian babe friend experience. We have a lot of this coming so I hope you enjoy it.

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