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Even more of wickedly cute flat chested 18 year old Filipina beauty Chris!

flat chested

Most of the guys we know like the slim girls in Makati the best, and I suppose because it is such change from the supersized girls you see back at home in the USA. I’ve been over in Asia for about 6 years now and the last time I was home for the holidays I couldn’t believe how big everyone was. It was as if I had landed in the world of the balloon people. So when I am back in the islands I love to see these gorgeous skinny chicks like Chris here. Their sunny smiles and hot tight bodies make them the most beautiful girls in the world.

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Puffy nipple Asian teen Ariel Rose

I have mentioned many times we are not just about the Pinay chick here and pretty much anything that is worthy and catches our eyes will go online. And when we do deviate from the Filipino and Thai girls for the most part it is because we have found some Amerasian mixed hottie with some sort of special features. Ariel Rose is just that sort of girl. I love her gawky tomboy looks and most importantly her sexy puffies nipples. And yes she is a full blown porn star now so there are tons of hot vids and pics on her online now.

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Wild anal sex with Asian porn starlet Evelyn Lin

Anal Sex with an asian chick

Clearly she is not a Filipina girl, but she remains one of our favorite starlets due to her wild sexual enthusiasm. And at some point in every porn stars career they are faced with the dilemma of whether or not to do anal. Some girls will simply quit and go back home but our heroine here has no problems with pleasuring her man using her ass. This is a wild shoot and it is part of a HD video that is now online. In fact it is probably Evelyn’s hottest movie ever so enjoy.

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