Monthly Archive for May, 2013

Cat eyed and exotic LBFM stunner Mable does some nude studio shots.

If you follow our blog here then you are no stranger to Mable and it’s clear that she is one of our fave girls by far. In general we tend to post her more spectacular hardcore pics and videos (remember this explicit series of her) or (maybe this one)? So it’s time we step back from her more sexual stuff and take a look at something that shows off her exotic and spectacular looks.

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Oiled and horny Jeannie shows that she can be a porn star too!

oiled asian teenager

Some girls are just trying harder and you can see it in Jeannie’s eyes that she knows how to please and is willing to go the extra mile to perform for her man. In this movie she gets oiled up and simply pounds our guy until he gives up a sticky shot. There isn’t even any pretense at acting here, this babe simply bangs him to pieces.

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