Danica gets hottest when you touch her puffy nipples

Topless Pinay Chick

Topless Pinay Girl

Puffers nippled Danica is a big favorite at Teen Filipina, and we tried for the longest time to get her to do a hardcore video or photo shoot for us. We did about a half dozen soft shoots with her before finally saying that’s enough and cutting her off if she wouldn’t do something harder. I mean we really wanted to see her sweet little body in action, or even better get our own dirty hands on her. So after about a month I guess she had run out of money and we got a call saying that she was into it as long as we would shoot with her boyfriend. So here it is, and it went pretty well. We got some great pics and video of those cute little tits getting squeezed and finally covered with cum.

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Danica gets hottest when you touch her aroused nipples, 7.4 out of 10 based on 39 ratings

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