Puffy nippled Filipina sensation Irene is driving everyone crazy.

Puffie and pointy nipples.

Puffies and pointy nipples.

Puffy nippled asian girls are as rare as blue diamonds and twice as valuable. When we met up with Irene here we thought she was certainly cute, but it wasn’t until her photo shoot was actually underway and she stripped down that our tongues hit the floor at the site of her amazing puffies. I think men love puffie so much because they are extra feedback that let you know how excited your girl is. Sort of like a female boner. Irene has quickly become one of our most popular girls because of her tits, and also because of her wildly oversexed personality. If she likes you she will start licking her lips and pulling every vixen move possible to to make sure you, and everyone else in the room is looking at her.

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Puffers nippled Filipina sensation Irene is driving everyone crazy., 8.5 out of 10 based on 70 ratings

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