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Slim and sexy Filipina beauty. This is the real reason we like Asian girls.

Pinay Go Go Chick

It’s not always true, but bye and large Asian girls are slimmer than their counterparts here in the land of hamburgers. I mean if you line up a 100 Eighteen year old girls in the USA and another 100 in the PI I think there is going to be no contest about which ones will be the skinniest. So in celebration of that fact and to perpetuate our fetish for skinny Asian girls here is another look at the wickedly cute Maria.

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Filipina dream girl Maria is back in a wicked little hard core session.

Sexy Filipina girl

Sexy Filipino chick

Our chick Maria is one of those chicks with what we call sexual charisma. She seems to know what to do to control men and she is completely aware of how hot she is and how everyone wants the pleasure her 18 year old body can give. When we do photo shoots with this chick we don’t have to say anything at all to her, she is so good she needs no direction.

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Another look at slim and sexy Filipina bombshell Maria

Nude Pinay Maria is ready for action!

Naked Pinay Maria is ready for action!

You know I guess it’s time to look back on 2010, on all of our girls and take a second look at the ones who have bubbled to the top. I guess it’s no surprise that we are picking Maria here as one of our faves, I mean just look at this picture. She is the hottest goddam thing in Cebu. And of course she gets extra points for not just being a cute babe, she has had a few great hardcore moments.

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Slim and sultry Maria rocks her booty shorts

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Slim and sexy amateur Filipina chick Maria shows of the body that makes men smile!

Nubile Asian Teen age

Nubile Asian Teen

Over in the Teenager Pinay members only area there are a few girls who we constantly get requests for and of course our sexy Asian vixen Maria is one of them. I think it has something to do with Maria being a classic example of modern Pinay beauty. I mean if you are going to Angeles City this is the sort of girl you are going to want to see, and indeed it is the sort of babe that’s everywhere. This phoho set is just a quickie done with a cheap cam at our hotel, but even so Maria shines through.

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Maria in her go go outfit

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As far as blowjobs go, two heads are better than one!

Cute asian chick

Cute asian chick

Winter is coming, and from what I have read it’s supposed to be the coldest one in a very long time. So what better way to keep warm than with the sunny smiles of 2 of our cutest Filipina babes. Girlyn hasn’t been featured much here, but I am sure you will immediately recognise our house hottie Maria. I’ve said this before and I will say it again, our girls are more than just pretty faces, they are often wild vixens who are pretty open minded about 3-way blowjobs.

Interested in some of our previous posts on Maria? This Filipino nude beauty actually has her own category here.

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Nubile Filipina bebot Maria flashes everyone in Manila.

Nude Pinay Teen Maria

Nude Pinay Teen age Maria

Some girls just know they are winners, and our Maria is one of them. This chick is hot and she knows it, and she doesn’t mind sporting off that hot body of hers to prove it. In fact during this photo shoot she was attracting a crowd at the construction site across the street. Maria has that perfect body that we all want in a Filipino babe, slim and sexy with a sultry smile. Without a doubt Maria is one of our most popular babes, check out all of this Filipino babe’s naked photo shoots here on our blog.

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Sultry Maria owns her bargirl friend.

Dominant Filipino Maria

Dominant Filipina Maria

Sometimes these girls can have personalities that are just as hot as their looks. When we talked to Maria about a duo photoshoot she picked out her buddy Vanessa and brought her over to our Manila condo that doubles as our studio these days. After we got these girls into their bikini’s and took a few pics of a little but of cuddling Maria switched on her sexuality and blew everyone away. Vanessa actually started to look worried to have this other Filipino riding her. Some very sexy stuff and some great shots of white hot Maria.

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Real Filipina go go dancer Maria in her ultra small bikini

Real Pinay Nude

Real Pinay Nude

Maria is one of our hottest girls and she is also an honest to god go go dancer. When this girl struts her stuff on stage and does pole dancing on the bars like they do here all the eyes in the room are on her. After seeing all this we were going wild to get this chick back to do a photo shoot in her go go bikini. Well here she is and she look fantastic. This outfit is so skimpy she may as well be naked, but there is something about it that is even sexier than nudity.

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Skinny and nubile asian teen dream Maria

Maria goes hard core

Maria goes hard core

One thing I can say in favour of our site over a lot of other web sites is that our girls are not just pretty faces. They don’t just model, they have sex too. You have not seen anything until you have seen a nubile young Asian chick like our Maria work some cock. And now that summer is beginning a lot of these girls are on vacation from college and looking for work… So that means expect all new pics and videos of your favourite girls soon!

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A glimpse of Maria’s new hard core photo session

Hard core Filipino sex

Hard core Pinay sex

Maria has it all, she’s svelte and sexy and has no issues with showing off her body. And as we have previously mentioned she pretty much takes the crown for Teen age Filipina of the year in terms of popularity. There has only been one thing missing with this chick and that thing has been some good old fashioned hard core. Well gentlemen you can now fap with perfect peace of mind as we are presenting a glimpse into some of Maria’s hard core action. I know you have been imagining this chick in action and now you will see her deal with a chubby cock yourself.

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Slim and sultry Maria rocks her booty shorts.

Booty Shorts

Booty Shorts

When we think back on all of the girls who made 2009 what it was for us a few faces come to mind. I think Maria really showed just how hot the year wpould be with some of her excellent naked photo shoots. This babe showed how Pinay girls are not only cute, but that they can exhibit unbridled sexual charisma as well. Watching this chick twist her slim body on top of a fat penis is almost more than I can handle.

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Sexy Filipina perfection. One night in Manila with Maria.

Filipina Perfection

Filipino Perfection

When we close our eyes and imagine the perfect Pinay, and believe me we often do, we imagine a chick with all the qualities we have come to love in all of our Teen age Pinay girls. A beautiful smile and exotic eyes, slim and fit (don’t dream about the thick girls too much, unless I’m drunk). In fact I am often thinking about our very own Maria. She has got a perfect Little brown fucking machine body with just a hint of booty. And yes, don’t worry she does do hardcore. So if you would like to stop imagining and see this babe in action you can do it any time you like.

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Filipina sex kitten Maria will take you to paradise

Pinay Blowjob

Filipina Fellatio

I think if you should happen to look down and see a beautiful Filipino sex kitten like Maria here ready to suck some cock then you are one lucky boy. This is one of our top requested girls and everyone is always asking when is she going to do explicit and when are the pictures going to be online. Well the wait has ended, we finally were able to cut the deal and get freaky with the wonderful Maria. I can’t really say there are any surprises here, the chick is as sexy as she looks and it’s clear she likes to have sex with an audience. You will only see these pictures at Teenager Filipina.

Want to see more of these explicit Pinay babes? Take a look at all of Maria’s pictures and movies at Teenager Filipino, the world’s number 1 Pinay and Thai girl site. Join Teenager Filipino now to see all of our wonderful Asian girls.

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Slim and sexy Filipina babe Maria flaunts her petite body.

Skinny Pinay teen Maria

Skinny Pinay teen age Maria

I know if you are a fan of our Filipina beauties you will already know who Maria is. Maria is a huge crowd favourite at Teen age Filipino because of her petite and tight body and those smoking bedroom eyes. This is the first of a few new picture sets that we have been able to get our hands on. This includes the amazing explicit sets where she gets that hot little body of hers soaked with a splooge shot. This babe is a Pinay classic and captures the essence of what makes these girls impossible to ignore.

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