Pigtailed and perfect LBFM teen school girl shows off winning smile and tiny tits.

Pig Tailed

I guess if we were looking for a chick or an image that showed why we love our Lbfm girls so much this might be it. Really the big and overall attraction with Pinay girls is their warmth. There are beautiful girls all over the world but I doubt many of them have this sort of charm. There is nothing so disarming as the ear to ear smile yoe can get from your fave Filipino girl. Rowena has it all, a perfect teen LBNFM asian body and a charming beauty that sets her apart from all of the other Teen Pinay girls.

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Filipina school girl Elaine straddles and struggles on top of her man.

squirming Pinay

One thing I have found out is that even the horniest chick can get a little self conscious when she gets up on top. I guess there are a few reasons for this in that the girls often think they don’t look pretty when they are on top, and often they are just not interested in getting banged balls deep. 18 year old Pinay student Elaine does a pretty good job even though there is a fair bit of struggling and moaning and it’s pretty clear that she is not really a professional at this. And like all of the newer girls the whole thing was caught in real hi def movie and is a must see if you love Pinay chicks as much as we do.

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Rating: +5 (from 9 votes)

A little bit more from one of our all time top Filipina girls Lala.

Clean shaved asian pussy

I think at this point we have been doing this far too long to ever be able to pick out a top girl. We have had a ton of top girls and it’s more like each of these girls is the champion of their particular era. Now I couldn’t really even list out a top 10, but I could say that this girl would certainly be in it if I could. Lala has a completely unique mestizo look and a body that I have literally seen stop traffic in Makati. We have tons and tons of this girls pics and videos online so if this is what you think of when you think about Pinay girls (and everyone seems to have a different idea about the ideal Filipina) then you have come to the correct place.

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Sexy candid behind the scenes shots of Teen Filipina beauty Maybel in the shower


Maybel has become one of the fave girls and her videos really rock the house. But no matter what this girl is doing she is sexy and it’s often the candid moments that are the sexiest. Watching this babe soap of after a good sexual workout is a real treat and we are going to take another look at these amazing behind the scenes shots of this beauty cooling down in the shower. The slippery soapy suds simply amplify this girls beauty way off the charts. Oh and by the way if you ever want to make out like a bandit when you visit Manila here is a little tip: stay in a place with a nice bathtub. THe girls love to cool off and get cleaned up all the time.

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Are you ready for something new from Asia? Check out the newest Teen Filipina girl Princess.

Filipina Princess

You know we audition a lot of new girls and have new updates going on all the time at Teen age Filipina. You can check out all of the updates as they come out on the Filipina Girls Update Page. A lot of the girls are very sexy but every once in a while there is a new babe like Princess here who stands out with either her beauty or attitude and makes everyone take notice. Actually Princess has both beauty and attitude and she is all win. This chick is naked, knows you like it, and she likes that. This kind of confidence can be a little rare so it is really arousing when we see it like this.

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Raw looking Filipina teen Cindy shows off her puffy nipples


This is one of those girls who looks a bit dour and if she has a mean streak but that is not the case at all. Her only problem is that she has braces and she is a biut shy to smile, even tho in my opinion they makre her look as cute as hell. This is actually the kind of girl I like the most from the PI, a bit rough around the edges and with a more oriental look to her face. And yeah those puffie nipples. An Asian chick with really nice puffy is a rare treat indeed, and I love the way this girls nipples just go through the roof when she has sex.

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Cute new FIlipina amateur gets a relaxing oil massage and then passionate sex.

Filipina Oil Massage

None of the girls we feature here are really pros at what they do and a lot of the time they can get pretty nervous. There are a few notable exceptions and sometimes we will get a girl who is a sexual natural but that is the exception to the rule. So our guy in the PI has found a sure fire way to get the girls relaxed and in the mood. These girls love getting a sexy baby oil massage and as well as relaxing them the girls look red hot once they are all oiled and horny. Our babe here was sucking and bucking like a real porn star after this treatment, and the way she tries so hard to please is damn sexy.

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More hot pictures emailed in by my hot nude Filipina girl friend

My Filipino GF

If you were a foreign guy in the Philippines and you have any game at all you will get a lot of attention from the girls. Now a lot of it will not be sincere as a great many of the girls are just looking to score their way out and are no doubt playing you and pretty much every other foreign guy they have met. You may think that you are the victim, but if you are smart you can be the winner and use the chick’s greed against them. Stack up as many online GF’s as possible and make them send you hot self shot pics. Thats a win and you will have free fap material for a long time.

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More wet and wild asian teen girls nude. Asian teen Mae teases and dances topless.

Nude Asian GF

It’s been a while since we have dome a post here featuring Mae so I guess it’s long overdue that we feature this babe again. In fact I think we will be doing quite a few more posts featuring her as we have just scored her entire catalogue along with some brand new pics and videos. There is something in this girls nature that is just all about teasing and it seems all of the pics she does just show her natural personality. You know we always try to bring you the unusual at Teenager Filipina and mixed girls like Mae here are part of the deal.

Much more of the Delicious Mae:

Asian Rump Shaker Mae

Mae vs the big cock guy

Mixed race teenager Mae shakes her perfect little asshole

Frisky Asian teen age Mae prances around topless

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Getting soapy and clean with the Filipina girl friend.

Naked Filipino girl in the bath

Ah the heaven and hell relationship of having a Pinay babe friend. The heaven part is self evident, we are talking some of the hottest and most devoted girls on the planet. And yes there is every sort of beauty there from top models right down to the gritty girls we like here. Rowena here is just the sort of chick we like, young rough and wild. Check out these candid shot of her soaping up and if you like Filipino girls and especially if you like girls like this take a look at the video.

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Getting wild in Manila on high definition video with Filipina sex phenomenon Maybel.

Hi def Pinay sex

This is something you are not going to want to miss. These are actual vidcaps of our chick Maybel’s newest video. These have been sized down from the original 720p and as you can see the video and the chick both look fantastic. This time around we actually got her to bring her boyfriend in so our photographer is actually shooting the movie rather than just trying to bang the girls, and the results are a step up in quality. It’s a rare thing to see girls who are as exotic and sexual as this in the PI so I know you are not going to be disappointed by this clip.

Hi def Filipino sex

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More sexy Amerasian girls online now at Teen Filipina.

Amerasian Mouth job

We are always trying to find something new to try out, and for the past little while that something new has been Amerasian and other mixed race Asian girls. In fact we actaully have a mixed Black and Filipino Blackapino chick online now and she is s stunner. It’s not juts that these girls are something new, but it often seems that mixed girls get the best of both worlds and can be incredibly good looking. Today’s chick is all new and this is her first hardcore and indeed first naked session anywhere. Meet Jade, the newest addition to our stable of hot mixed girls.

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Another look at cute skinny Asian teen phenomenon Alicia

Skinny Asian teenager Alicia

It isn’t very often we will lable on of the girls as a phenomenon, but considering the attention that this chick has been getting lately she is definitely deserving of the title. As far as we can tell our chick Alicia has made the transition to hard core and has been spotted on a few sites involved in some wild sex including an orgy or two. We have just received a few high def vids of this chick and one of them is related to this picture set where she is soaping up and pleasuring herself in the shower. One of the things that really sets this babe apart from the other besides her mixed looks and beauty is her performing charisma. Because she was so petite she was a gymnast in high school and she has a natural ability to use her body to perform. Must see if you like petite and or skinny Asian teens.

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Nude Filipina teen soaps up a set of perfect breasts

Pinay in the shower

There is nothing more exciting than watching your beautiful Pinay GF take a pre-coital shower to get all cleaned up. It can be so hot in the Philippine Islands that this is really a big part of foreplay for me as well as a necessary way to cool down. Back in the old days when we had a compound with a pool the parties were insane becuase the girls enjoyed the cool water so much. Well we can’t afford the pool anymore but we do get some very hot girls into the shower from time to time and here is another gorgeous nude Pinay amateur girl we would like to share with you.

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Leashed Filipina petgirl gives blowjob of a lifetime

Filipino pet babe

One of the hottest things imaginable is when yor babe has gotten herself so far in the mood that she will do anything, and nowadays that means trying to emulate what she had seen the other girls do on the Internet. When my babe has been bad I always make sure I demand some “Internet Sex” as punishment and that means anything goes. Brooke here is one of our freakier girls and what you see in these pics is just the tip of the iceberg as far as this babe goes.

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Wild Filipina hooker gets an A for effort

One thing that always makes me as hot as hell is when I walk the seedy streets of Makati or Phuket and the hookers try to outdo each other for my attentions. There are a few particular events that come to mind, once in Hong Kong when the hotties flooded out of their nest to greet me and another time in Patong when I popped my head into a local bar. But nothing compares to the sexual fury and total girl friend experience you can get in the Philippines. Here is a little pictorial example of one of our girls getting all hot and oiled and then pounding the crap out of some lucky dude!

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Petite Filipina teen loves to show off her hot skinny ass

Skinny Filipino Babe

One of the biggest reasons guys tend to like Asian girls is that they are different then what you have there at home. Opposites attract, and there is one thing that usually puts Asian girls in the exotic category is that they are skinny. Yes ladies, guys like skinny girls. And we know this because for all of these years we have been abe to see what people like to click on and by far the most clicks go to the skinniest chicks.

See More Slim Teen Pinay Amateur Girls Here!

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Incredible vid caps from skinny Alicia’s hi def video shoot!

Petite Asian Naked

Alicia has become quite popular her in a very short period of time. She has everything we know our guys are after, a killer and petite Nineteen year old body and the attitude of a chick who loves to perform. In fact I am sure we mentioned before in our last post featuring this babe that she was a gymnast before becoming an adult starlet, and indeed that is true. This movie is a must see if you like this sort of petite girl and watching Alicia splash around and pleasure herslef in the bathtub is down right excruciating.

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Busty Asian amateur girl Sylvia gets it on with her boy friend.

Asian hard core

Sylvia has actually done a few shoots for us before, check out this great picture series of this girl in the shower here. But this is her first ever hard core shoot and she only would do it if her real boy friend was in on the action. A lot of these girls tend to follow this sort of progression, first a naked shoot or 2, then something more and if they feel comfortable with who they are with they will eventuall go for the full HD hardcore video like this.

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Insane puffy nipples on ths skinny Filipina teen

Puffers Nipples

Do you think diamonds are rare? Well they are in no way as rare as the holy grail of Asian girls with puffies nipples. I guess you may spend a lot of time cruising the web for porn, and during that time how many girls do you see with a set of insanely erect and aroused puffies like this? Not many I think. Irene is one of our fave girls, and she just can’t help the whole puffie thing.

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Nervous looking FIlipina girl friend does a few nude mirror pics

My Filipino girlfriend

Well I guess you know the chick really really likes you if she is sending you some pics like these. Ever since we opened up the submissions we have been getting a ton of hot pics of some really cute (and sometimes a little less than cute) Filipina girls. So here are the latest self shot releases.

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The first nude photo shoot from cute Asian teen Ally!

Asian Gymnast

So last time we had a teaser pic from this photo shoot and now we are ready to go with it. Here is a little behind the scenes look at Aliona as she gets ready for her HD video shoot. This girl has made quite a splash, and the main reason is because she is such a natural performer. And that’s because she has spent most of her life training as a gymnast. It sounds almost too good to be true, but yes it is all true and there is only one place you are going to see this amazing girl, and that’s here at Teenager Pinay.

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Meet the new girl. 19 year old Asian teen hottie Aliona

Teen age Asian Naked Girl

Click Here For More Of This Asian Teen age

Sometimes one of our staff digs up something great and we have to rush a little taste of it out to you even though it’s not all quite ready to go. Well today we are bringing you a taste of new girl Aliona. She is just 19 and amazingly petite and lithe. And yes she was a gymnast in school so prepare to be blown away by some of the things she is able to do. We have a ton of all new pics and HD video of this chick so stay tuned for more or log into Teenager Filipina to take a look at her now.

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Girls are always sexier when they are slippery. Wild hot oil sex with a gorgeous teen filipina girl.

Oily Filipino Teen age

Just last week when we were doing a post featuring our new girl Maybel dropping her bikini we were hoping that she might be talked into doing something a little more intense. Well we were stunned to find that pretty much the very next day she did book a hard core shoot and we now have the pics and videos. It’s obvous that this chick has a stunning body and watching those big breasts and puffie nipples of hers bounce around is almost too much to bear.

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Rating: +6 (from 10 votes)

Stunning Filipina web cam girl burns her way out of a skimpy little bikini

Filipino Cam Babe

We have made the picture for this post a little bit larger because that was the only way to fit in all of the incredible goodness that is our girl Maybel. This girl literally burns her way out of this skimpy bikini and looks incredible just completely naked. No need for any make-up or flattering poses with this babe, she simply is perfect. We have a few new sets and videos of this babe and starting today they are all going online.

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Rating: 9.5/10 (45 votes cast)
VN:F [1.9.22_1171]
Rating: +8 (from 8 votes)